Hawaiian is proud to be part of the Western Australian community, and we believe in the incredible potential of our young people.

That's why we're passionate about supporting organisations and causes that empower them to thrive.

We actively engage in fostering positive change by:


Partnering with organisations that make a real difference in the lives of young Western Australians, from providing food relief to nurturing creativity and wellbeing.


Empowering young people to be the changemakers of tomorrow, giving them a platform to share their voices and ideas.


Investing in programs that provide opportunities for education, skill development and meaningful engagement with our communities.


Creating a ripple effect of positive impact, inspiring others to join us in making Western Australia a better place for all.

We believe every young person deserves a chance to shine. Their dreams, their ambitions, their hopes for the future–they matter–that’s why we’re dedicated to playing our part in helping them reach their full potential.
We’re proud to support the following organisations that have a positive impact on the West Australian community:

  • Foodbank WA

  • McGovern Foundation

  • Shortback & Sidewalks 

  • Telethon

  • West Coast Eagles 

  • Youth Focus

Supporting our Neighbourhoods

We believe the heart of a community beats strongest at the ground level. That’s why we support grassroots projects that empower the everyday heroes in our neighbourhoods and celebrate the unsung heroes, the passionate individuals and dedicated groups making a difference in our local communities. We work with councils, chambers of commerce, primary schools and sporting clubs to boost their impact, bringing a spirit of collaboration and make every neighbourhood thrive.



Councils are champions for essential services and vibrant, inclusive neighborhoods. We’re here to empower them in achieving these goals.



Schools are the bedrock of our communities, shaping future generations with passion. We support their dedication by supporting their initiatives.


Sporting Clubs

Sporting clubs are champions of health, teamwork and community spirit. We’re here to empower them to reach even more individuals and strengthen their positive impact.

If your organisation makes a positive impact in the community in which Hawaiian is a part of, we’d love to hear how we can help! We provide support through:


Hawaiian Gift Cards

Are you organising a local event where you need supplies? Are you looking for a raffle prize so you can fundraise for your local organisation? If so, we welcome your application.


Local Clubs

Local clubs bring people together and foster a strong sense of community spirit. We amplify their impact by providing them with the resources they need to thrive.


Shopping Centre Spaces

Need space to showcase your organisation’s work or help spread the word about the positive difference you make? You can apply for space within your local neighbourhood centre.


Neighbourhood Champions

We’re keen to support passionate groups in our communities, each with inspiring ideas to make our neighbourhoods stronger, greener, and more connected. Applications for this year open in May 2024.

Partnership Stories

Empowering young people is our passion, and it starts with strong communities. Together, we empower them to create vibrant spaces, champion essential services, nurture future generations and foster a strong sense of community spirit. Explore our stories to see how we’re making a difference, together.

Head office

Every Hawaiian neighbourhood shopping centre, big or small, is proud to be part of the local community.


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