Together we thrive | Meet Joe

5 Jun 2024

There’s a reason Joe ‘N’ Co is a ‘Duncraig by Hawaiian’ favourite. It’s not just the great haircuts, it’s the man behind the chair.

Meet Joe. the friendly face who always welcomes you with a smile and chat. Joe’s more than a barber; he’s a confidant and master storyteller with a heart of gold. He’s woven himself into the soul of the Duncraig community, creating a space where everyone is welcome.

So, next time you need a trim, or just a friendly chat, head over to see the team at Joe ‘N’ Co.

Our ‘Together we thrive’ story series is a celebration of the diverse voices and experiences that make our Hawaiian community so special.

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Every Hawaiian neighbourhood shopping centre, big or small, is proud to be part of the local community.

Together we thrive | Meet Joe

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