Meet the Claremont Quarter stylists

2 Nov 2020

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear? Are you searching for an outfit for a special event? Does shopping for clothes or bathers send you into a cold sweat?

If you answered yes to any of these questions… you need the Claremont Quarter stylists.

Introducing Corey Chandler and Clare Ryan. These standout stylists (both with impressive backgrounds in the Australian fashion industry) make shopping fun.

“I would compare it to shopping with a good (honest) friend who will tell you when an outfit works or looks horrible,” says Clare. “At the start of the session we quickly discuss what you’re looking to get out of the session, which could be anything from finding a dress for a Christmas party to finding bathers for summer. It can be anything! Some clients just want to grab a takeaway coffee and roam the shops and chat about their style.”

Corey, herself a Mum of two young boys, says the Stylists ensure the sessions are relaxed and stresses that a client’s taste, budget and privacy is respected. They understand, for example, that many women dread bather shopping!

“I totally understand that this is a commonly feared item of clothing to shop for. I want you to feel your best in bathers, so let’s chat about what you might want to highlight or perhaps disguise. Then it’s just a matter of trying on different styles, until you find the ONE!” Corey says.

So, how much time does a styling session at Claremont Quarter take and what does it cost?

“It can be as long as you like, we recommend a 90-minute session ($180) because the time flies once we have a chat and visit a few stores in the centre. Or there is the express 45-minute session, which is great when you don’t have lots of spare time and just need a little guidance with what to wear or are on the hunt for something in particular. I often have Mums lock in a quick session while their partner is watching the kids in another store or at a café,” Clare says.

Can you help me find an outfit for a special event?

“YES! That is the beauty of these sessions, we are here for you and your specific needs. A special event is always a fun shopping adventure. Wedding season is just beginning, so maybe you need a beautiful dress? Or you need help with a head to toe complete look for a big birthday party? Whatever event you have coming up, we are excited to find the right outfit for you, while making you feel confident and happy,” says Corey.

Can you help me dress to hide trouble areas?

“Of course! Everyone has trouble areas or parts of their body that they’re conscious about. I haven’t styled one person who hasn’t been concerned about their body. We’ll work as a team to try different outfit solutions to help hide your concerned area and have you feeling comfortable and confident in no time. I’ll bring a new perspective to the problem, sometimes we get in a rut and it’s hard to step out of it.

“While shopping we’ll naturally address a number of topics such as body shape, how to wear certain clothing and tricks to style one item of clothing a number of times. It’s a misconception that a styling session means you have to buy clothing or I’ll show you a chart of colours that you have to wear – that’s not what it’s like, the sessions are very relaxed,” says Clare.

If Christmas shopping also sends you into a spin… the Claremont Quarter stylists can help there too.

“We can tailor a styling session and instead of personal styling we can walk around Claremont Quarter and tick off your Christmas shopping list! I’ve shopped for wives, husbands, teenagers and even for the home. I once had a lady who needed help selecting her Christmas decorations and table setting for her house, now that was fun!” Clare adds.

To book a styling session with the Claremont Quarter stylists email Guest Services.

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Meet the Claremont Quarter stylists

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