Meet the Neighbours – YoMoo

10 Jul 2024

The YoMoo Journey

Originally known as Tien Tien Yogurt in 2021, YoMoo started as a small, family-run business with a simple mission: to provide high-quality yoghurt drinks to the local community.

From day one, they’ve been committed to crafting delicious and nutritious beverages using premium ingredients sourced fresh from local suppliers.

In 2024, they decided to give ourselves a fresh makeover, renaming the store to YoMoo.

The new name reflects the expanding product range and a modern, catchy brand identity. But fear not – our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction remains unwavering.

A Family Affair

At YoMoo, family is at the heart of everything they do. Their children (Scarlett & Amber)  actively contribute by serving drinks to valued customers.

Their presence adds to the warm, family-friendly atmosphere, making every visit to YoMoo a pleasant and memorable experience.

Must-Try Delights

New customers, listen up! Here are some of the most popular products that you absolutely must try:

  1. Mochi Yoghurt Bowl: A delightful fusion of chewy mochi and creamy yoghurt. It’s a texture party in your mouth!
  2. Dusty Mango Lychee Yoghurt: The exotic flavors of mango and lychee come together in a refreshing blend. Perfect for those sunny days.
  3. Strawberry Banana Yoghurt: Classic and irresistible – the fruity duo that never disappoints.
  4. Purple Rice Yoghurt: A unique twist with purple rice – it’s both tasty and Instagram-worthy!

Sip and Save

They love treating their customers! Check out our current promotions:

  • Student Discount: If you’re rocking a school uniform, you’re in luck! Enjoy 15% off between 3 PM and 4 PM on weekdays. (Terms and conditions apply.)
  • Weekday Special: Selected drinks are just $6 each. It’s the perfect excuse to swing by during your lunch break! (Terms and conditions apply.)


Lactose-Free Options

Got lactose intolerance? No worries! They’ve got lactose-free yoghurt options available, so everyone can indulge without the tummy troubles.

The Buzz: Mochi Yoghurt Bowl

The latest hot sale product is the Mochi Yoghurt Bowl. Trust us, it’s a game-changer!

Creamy yoghurt meets chewy mochi – a match made in dessert heaven.


Visit YoMoo today and treat yourself to a yoghurt experience like no other. They can’t wait to serve you!

Note: All promotions are subject to terms and conditions. Ask our friendly staff for details. 📋

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Meet the Neighbours – YoMoo

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