Meet The Neighbours

11 Apr 2024

Meet Your Amazing Neighbors!

Let’s celebrate Barber Culture Crew’s fantastic 3-month milestone at the centre. If you haven’t had the chance yet, give a warm welcome to Kamal, Mehul, and Brandon!

Born and raised in Kenya, Kamal followed in his brother-in-law Mehul’s footsteps and moved to Perth in 2011 in pursuit of a better life. Before Bassendean, Mehul who has a military background, successfully launched Barbers Culture Crew in Ellenbrook while Kamal managed the on-site operations. After years of collaboration, Kamal and Mehul teamed up with Brandon to venture into this exciting new chapter at your neighbourhood centre.

Securing their spot at Bassendean was almost a missed opportunity, but fate was on their side when another interested party pulled out. When they visited the centre, the positive vibes and genuine community environment convinced them it was the perfect spot. The trio’s commitment to creating a welcoming community and delivering top-notch service truly shines through in every haircut!

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Meet The Neighbours

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