Hot weather hair care from Lux Lounge

12 Mar 2024

We may be in autumn, but the hot weather is hanging around. Thankfully, Lux Lounge have our backs with these great tips for maintaining hair health in hot weather:

  • Just as UV rays are damaging to our skin, they are equally responsible for damaging our hair. We recommend the Mr Smith ‘Serum’ for all UV protection.
  • Always cover up your hair when in sun by using a scarf or hat. This will prevent dehydration and colour fade to your hair. 
  • Get deep conditioning treatments regularly it’s an essential part of keeping your hair healthy. Treatments will also add a protective layer to the hair cuticle.
  • Keep yourself hydrated- hydrating yourself provides hydration for your hair. 
  • Minimise the use of heat styling tools. 
  • Protect your hair while swimming g by creating a barrier for your hair. EG we recommend Mr Smith ‘Serum’ before swimming and then Mr Smith ‘Leave in’ or ‘Foundation’ after on rinsed hair. 

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Hot weather hair care from Lux Lounge

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