Hawaiian and Wen Giving donate Kimberley Klub to establish regional eye health hub

19 Nov 2019

Philanthropic foundation Wen Giving, along with partner Hawaiian, will support a major initiative to improve eye health in the north west via its donation of Broome hostel Kimberley Klub, to WA not-for-profit Lions Eye Institute.

Wen Giving is the philanthropic arm of the Wen Family, the owners of WA based property group Hawaiian. Utilising the resources of Hawaiian within Australia, the Wen Family spearhead partnerships with organisations around the country that provide valuable support to the community.

Partnering with one such organisation, the Lions Eye Institute, Hawaiian will donate the Kimberley Klub property to the Lions Eye Institute to facilitate the establishment of a Northwest Hub to improve Indigenous Australian eye health outcomes and equity of access to eye health services for residents in regional and remote communities in the North West of WA.

The Lions Eye Institute, through its community outreach arm Lions Outback Vision, will use the property to develop clinical and surgical facilities, provide education and training facilities for regional clinical schools and health practitioners, establish a diabetic nutrition hub and engage in research opportunities with local tertiary institutions Hawaiian originally purchased the Kimberley Klub hostel in Broome in 2007 as additional staff accommodation for the Resort, with the property continuing to operate as a hostel for the public.

Wen Giving’s mission is to improve and promote the wellbeing and quality of life of those who are less fortunate or disadvantaged. The organisation has a big emphasis on eye health around the globe, having supported eye health programs in Bhutan, India, Nepal and Vietnam over the past 10 years.

Wen Giving has identified the lack of well-trained eye care teams as a significant barrier to delivering and improving eye care and has partnered with organisations that provide valuable support towards ensuring accessible eye care, particularly in India, by the establishment of vision centres in regional areas.

The Lions Outback Vision Team will establish services in Broome in February, with the first stage of refurbishment ready for the clinic to open in May.

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Hawaiian and Wen Giving donate Kimberley Klub to establish regional eye health hub

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