Give Mum the gift of bliss from Manyas

8 May 2024

This Mother’s Day, show Mum just how much you appreciate her with a gift that truly pampers. Manyas exclusive Mother’s Day Pampering Package offers a luxurious escape from the everyday, allowing her to relax, recharge, and emerge feeling like a million bucks.

For a limited time only, treat Mum to this heavenly combination for just $149 (originally $178):

  • A Relaxing Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage: Melt away tension and stress with a soothing massage that targets those areas prone to holding on to daily worries.
  • Environ® Facial Clean Up: Give Mom’s skin a radiant refresh with our Environ® facial.
  • Expert Brow Threading & Tinting: Achieve perfectly shaped brows that frame her face beautifully. Our skilled technicians will thread away unwanted hairs and use a tint to enhance her natural brows.
  • Eyelash Tinting: Amplify Mum’s natural beauty with a lash tint. This simple treatment will add definition and depth to her lashes, making her eyes pop without the need for mascara.

This Mother’s Day Pampering Package is the perfect way to show Mom how much you care. Let her escape the daily grind and indulge in a moment of pure pampering. She deserves it!

Don’t miss out! This Mother’s Day Pampering Package is available for a limited time only. Visit Manyas, near the Customer Service Desk to pick up the perfect gift.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Give Mum the gift of bliss from Manyas

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