CQ StyleFit Magazine Launches in Claremont Quarter

21 Feb 2023

We’re excited to bring you the second edition of CQ StyleFit magazine. After a busy time, we’re very glad to take a moment to step back, relax and find our balance. Kate Mac and Luke A J have joined us to share some of their secrets to making time in even the busiest days. With these feel-good ideas and more, we hope to leave you feeling inspired to be your best self.

Pick up your printed copy at Claremont Quarter or read the digital publication here.

Life is filled with feel-good moments; things like crushing a workout at the gym, discovering a new favourite read, enjoying a little pampering, or putting together the perfect outfit to conquer everything the day has to offer. CQ StyleFit is your guide to bringing moments like these to life. In these pages, you’ll find outfit inspiration, gift ideas, wellness tips and so much more to help you feel good and look good. We look forward to seeing you at Claremont Quarter soon, the home of CQ StyleFit and a premium range of boutique brands.

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CQ StyleFit Magazine Launches in Claremont Quarter

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