What’s happening at Coles?

5 Jun 2024

Coles are getting ready to bring you the looks (and the value!) with a new look neighbourhood store – Coles Local. Right now, you’ll see works happening in and around the store. It’s all in preparation to bring you all your favourite foods tailored to the local Hillarys community, with the everyday Coles range and prices you’ve come to expect.

Coles Local is a concept that tailors the offering to the community. These concepts have been successfully rolled out in South Perth, Mosman Park and will shortly re-launch at Floreat. Coles works with local suppliers to provide products that are relevant to the local area as well as the everyday Coles range.

Please bear with us as these works are happening. Your new local store is just around the corner and we’re looking forward to the new Coles Local will be launching later on this year.

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Every Hawaiian neighbourhood shopping centre, big or small, is proud to be part of the local community.

What’s happening at Coles?

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