Order your Christmas Feast at The Butcher Shop

11 Nov 2020

Christmas is made a breeze with the delectable range of Christmas options available at The Butcher Shop. Simply visit them in-store or call on 08 9362 2119 to place your order!
*Place your order before 10th December and go into the draw to win a Victorinox Carving Set!*

Free Range Hams
Hand selected Plantagenet Free Range Pork Legs combined with David & Brian's secret recipe forms the base of our succulent leg hams. These are prepared and lightly smoked on the premises.
Available in half and full

Glazed Hams
Honey & Mustard, or Canadian Maple Glaze these Free Range Hams have the rind removed, scored, glazed & garnished with sliced pineapple, cherries and cloves and is carefully oven baked to create your Xmas piece.

Double Smoked Free Range Hams
Hand selected Plantagenet Free Range Pork Legs combined with David and Brian's secret recipe forms the base of our leg hams. These are smoked twice to enhance the flavour.
Available in half and full

A lean, Free Range loin of pork boned and rolled, scored and easy to carve available in a choice of:
- Italian Porchetta seasoning of sea salt, cracked black pepper, rosemary, fresh garlic and Italian Parsley, all sourced from the region of Calabria exclusively to us.
- Apple, sage and rosemary stuffing made from baked apples, fresh sage leaves, rosemary breadcrumbs, eggs and seasoning.
- Plain

Pulled Pork Joint
Hand selected cut from the Plantagenet free range pork shoulder, great for pulling or even seasoned then slow roasted.

Amelia Park Easy Carve Leg of Lamb
A boneless leg of lamb with the shank frenched & left on & all fat removed. Available in the following choices of marinades:
- Fresh garlic, rosemary, sea salt, cracked black pepper, virgin olive oil and Italian parsley.
- Jarrah Honey with garden fresh mint & rosemary

Black Angus Whole Scotch Fillet
Trimmed, all fat removed with Italian seasoning of fresh garlic, rosemary, salt, virgin olive oil, cracked pepper & Italian parsley also available plain.

Black Angus Baby Beef Roast
Hand selected, all fat trimmed and denud-ed. Hand strung and seasoned:
- Fresh garlic, rosemary, salt, cvirgin olive oil, cracked pepper
- Plain

Free Range Turkey
Whole Free Range Turkeys available in 4kg, 6kg & 8kg with your choice of stuffing or plain available.

Free Range Turkey Breast Rolls
Boneless free range turkey breast hand rolled with a choice of:
- Cranberry & Chestnut stuffing, approx 2.5kg
- Plain, approx 2kg
- Royale Stuffing - bacon, mushroom, spring onion & cashew nuts, approx 2.5kg

Galantine Turkey Breast Roll
Boneless duck and chicken become the stuffing for a whole turkey seasoned with dried fruits, nuts & turkey mince. Approx 3.5-4kg

Boneless whole Free Range Chicken filled with your choice of stuffing:
- Pumpkin, feta and caramalized onion
- Bacon, mushroom, spring onion, swiss cheese & seasoning
- Plain

Game Meats
Wild game meats including rabbit, wild boar, venison and buffalo available on request.

Game Birds
Free range game birds including ducks, whole goose, pheasant, quail, partridge and guinea fowl all available on request.

Please note a 15% deposit will be required on all game products.