Meet Robyn your local Walk for Women's Cancer Ambassador

03 Feb 2020

Cancer is often described as having a ripple effect.

At the epicenter is the person receiving the shock diagnosis and facing the fight of their life. The impact and shockwaves of that unwanted cancer news ripples out to affect the family, friends and countless others in that person’s life.

Robyn McMahon was aged 19 when she experienced the cancer ripple effect after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“Most people have been touched or affected in some way by cancer,” Robyn says.

“My Mum had breast cancer 23 years ago and she is a lucky survivor. You never forget the feeling of fear and dread when you hear those words coming from someone you love.”

The experience, and the positive outcome for her Mum, has spurred Robyn on to support vital medical research into women’s cancer.

Robyn will be joining the Hawaiian Walk for Women’s Cancer on May 2 for the second time; taking part in the 35km distance to fundraise for the Harry Perkins Institute’s medical researchers who are dedicated to improving treatment and finding a cure for women’s cancer. She will also support those fighting the disease and others bearing the ripple effect.

Each participant must fundraise a minimum of $1000 to enter the Hawaiian Walk for Women’s Cancer and these funds are used to support researchers continue their important work into treating and beating cancer.

Robyn will represent Hawaiian’s Park Centre community when she laces up.

“I am walking for a cure, so that no one else needs suffer through this horrible disease or to lose someone they love because of it,” Robyn says.

“Medical research is so important to find a cure and for better treatments so that recovery is quicker.”

When asked which women’s cancer she would eradicate if she could pick one, Robyn says: “It would be breast cancer because it’s closely related in my family – but eradicating all of them would be the ultimate goal.”

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