Noranda Primary School celebrates multiculturalism with Hawaiian grant

21 Mar 2019

Students of Noranda Primary School donned national costumes and the colour orange as a symbol of togetherness as they celebrated Harmony Day last Thursday.

Students participated in a Harmony Day parade and an all-day multicultural dance program, including an Indonesian infusion dance, rhythms and instruments of West Africa, Chinese martial arts, middle-eastern infusion dance and a hip hop infusion session, thanks to a grant from Hawaiian.

The $2,000 grant was awarded to Noranda Primary School as part of Hawaiian’s 2018 Giving Box Appeal. The initiative encouraged local schools, workplaces and shopping centres to donate non-perishable food and gift items to provide assistance to struggling West Australians over the holiday period. The grant was awarded as part of the state-wide campaign that saw the West Australian community donate more than 31,148 meals and 11,700 gifts.

Noranda Primary School received two prizes, with the students raising the highest amount of food (calculated in kilograms per participating student) within the Hawaiian’s Noranda catchment area.

The school also won the highest kilograms of food collected for the whole appeal, out of 21 participating schools, raising a total of 888kg (1,600 meals) and 135 gifts for struggling families in WA.

Noranda Primary School’s Principal Jeffrey Murphy said the $2,000 prize will be put towards planned incursions into the school, with the funds going towards reducing the cost to parents for their children to participate in school activities.

“We’ve used some of the grant on Harmony Day celebrations, with our 320 students from pre-primary through to Year 6 acknowledging the many different cultures in our schools,” said Mr Murphy.

“At Noranda, we have students who were born in Australia and others who have come from different countries. Many of our students speak two or more languages. Harmony Day is the day that helps us accept everyone, no matter where they were born, what language they speak or what religion they believe in.”

Hawaiian’s General Manager, Shopping Centre Suburban Portfolio, Scott Greenwood said Hawaiian was proud to support multiculturalism within the local community.

"We’re glad to be supporting the education of young children as they learn about the many different cultures and ethnicities that make up our Australian community,” said Mr Greenwood.

“Hawaiian embraces and supports multiculturalism within our local communities, and is delighted to be supporting other organisations to do the same.”

Now in its sixth year, the appeal helps charities Foodbank WA and Anglicare WA support local families struggling at Christmas.