Introducing Nicole, the Mezz Mama!

30 Sep 2019

Nicole is a local Mum of three, here to share her food, fashion & homewares knowledge. Over the next few months, she will take you on a journey, posting regular blogs, social media content and hosting free events and workshops at the Mezz.

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To find out a little bit more about this Mama, check out her first blog below!


Hi! I’m Nicole, and I’m super excited to be the Mezz Mama! Over the next 10 months I’ll be sharing with you some exciting events, blogs and will be hosting some fun workshops! But first, let me tell you a little bit about myself...

I’m a 39 year old mum to my 3 beautiful daughters Zara (9), Indi (7) and Elsie (2), and wife to Andrew my loving (his words!) husband of 10 years. If that wasn’t enough, we recently added Buzz, a 10-week old Beagle puppy to our chaotic household. Yep, life just got even crazier than I could ever imagine!

We live locally in Joondanna and our kids attend our local school and daycare centre which they all love. Many moons ago I went to Curtin University and got myself a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Genetics, and then worked as a Medical Scientist in Melbourne for 13 years before moving back to Perth 5 years ago.

When our first daughter Zara was born, a girlfriend and I had the grand idea of opening a children’s handmade clothing store, which turned in to my passion for the next 7 years and opened up the whole new world of influencing for me. I love being creative, and thrive on anything and everything artsy, so from sewing and design I turned to photography and content creation, and I’ve loved every minute since!

Aside from my influencer work, I love great food and coffee, fashion and a regular bout of retail therapy, which is why I love the Mezz in Mount Hawthorn so much. It has a unique blend of genuine community feel and inner city coolness, not to mention being a great place to hang out with the kids!

I look forward to getting to know you all more over the coming months, and please stop and say hi to me if you see me out shopping!

Nic x