Meet Michelle your local Walk for Women's Cancer Ambassador

03 Feb 2020

As a pharmacist, Michelle Radford knows the importance of medical research.

But the significance of medical research took a personal turn for Michelle recently when her friend, who has terminal breast cancer, was placed on a drug that was trialed by the Harry Perkins Institute for Medical Research.

The long-time supporter of the Hawaiian Walk for Women’s Cancer has walked in every event since the Walk began in 2014.

Money raised by Michelle - and every participant in the Walk - goes into research programs at the Harry Perkins Institute for Medical Research.

To see the results of that research assist her friend has been deeply gratifying to Michelle and confirmed to her the value of the event.

“Without that drug she might not have had the chance to feel better and it will give her longer,” Michelle explains.

“Medical research is so important.”

Each participant in the Hawaiian Walk for Women’s Cancer must fundraise a minimum of $1000 and these funds are used to support researchers at the Harry Perkins Institute continue their investigations into treating and curing cancer.

The seasoned participant holds a high tea fundraiser every year for the Hawaiian Walk for Women’s Cancer and believes the fundraising is successful as most people are affected by cancer in some way – and everybody wants to see it cured.

Michelle will represent Hawaiian’s Bassendean community in the event. She says while the 35km or 42km walk is a huge feat and takes a lot of training and perseverance, it is worth it.

“I would like as many people as possible to do the Walk, for one day of pain it can save a lot of suffering,” she says.

“The Walk is very tough. But people walk it who have had cancer or are going through cancer and if they can do it, anyone can.”

Michelle would like to see a cure for Ovarian cancer.

“Ovarian cancer is so hard to detect, and it doesn’t have a great survival rate,” she says.

“I am walking so cancer can’t force us say goodbye to any other women.”

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