Chinese New Year

29 Jan 2020

On Saturday 8 February, join us at Hawaiian's Bassendean to watch a mesmerising traditional Chinese Lion dance and help celebrate the year of the Rat!

The festive lion dance will be performed by Yaloin Kung Fu Association kicking off at 9.45am outside the centre, with a spectacular performance outside the Reject Shop and ending at The Garden near Pizza Hut .

Before the Lion dance kicks off pick up your FREE delicious fortune cookie to learn your destiny for the coming lunar year and grab an ang pow (small red envelope). Simply place a gold coin inside and feed this to the lion as it passes you by. Doing so will bring you prosperity and good luck.

We will be giving away 300 free dumplings! Pick up your voucher and redeem it for three free dumplings at Chomp68! Enjoy these delicious temptations after watching the traditional lion dance performed or anytime during the weekend.

The Chinese Lion dance dates all the way back to The Han dynasty in 206 BC when Lions were brought to Northern China from central Asia as a gift to the emperor, prior to this lions remained a myth to the people of China. At that time, people mimicked the appearance and actions of the newly arrived lions in a performance, which developed into the lion dance.