Neighbourhood Champions

Hawaiian is proud to support those in our neighbourhoods making a difference for Western Australia’s young people and their families through our community grants program.

We’re encouraging our communities to nominate organisations making an impactful difference. The winners will receive a $2,500 grant with a $1,000 runner-up prize also available.

Do you know a local organisation making a big difference?

Nominate them for our Neighbourhood Champions grant program. Hawaiian’s community grants program is providing grants up to $2,500 to local organisations and champions working to create a better future in our neighbourhoods.

Who can apply?

  • We welcome nominations in all areas that benefit the community such as education, health, environment, arts & culture, social services and community development.
  • Grants are open to non-profit organisations working near to Hawaiian shopping centres.
  • Organisations with an annual turnover of less than $2 million are invited to apply.

What are we looking for?

Great Neighbourhood Champions will demonstrate:

Impact: How the organisation tackles local issues and makes a positive difference in people’s lives.

Scalability: The number of people the organisation has supported within the community.

Sustainability: How the organisation creates lasting change and ensures the project continues beyond the grant period.

Ready to Nominate

Neighbourhood Champions Application

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