Walk & Run Club

11 Sep 2019

At Hawaiian we understand a fit and healthy workplace is better motivated and more productive.

We have launched an eight-week Summer kick start program, designed to help our tenants reach their health and fitness goals and it’s all for free.

Are you a runner or walker? Are you keen to improve your running ability or commence running under the watchful eye of a trainer? Alternatively, are you just wanting to meet up with a group to go for a weekly walk?

If you’re a tenant at London House, Parmelia House or based at 235 St Georges Terrace, and this sounds like a great opportunity for you, then please join us when we commence on Tuesday 17 September.

Our coaches will not only help improve your fitness,but will work to correct your running technique to maximise your fitness results and reduce the risk of injury.

Hawaiian is pleased to offer two free sessions a week to our valued office tenants and we encourage everyone to lace up your running shoes and join us.

To take advantage of the Walk & Run Club, we invite our office tenants to join our Collective Program for more information.