Three Weeks with Coco Chanel

16 Mar 2020

Claremont Quarter, WA’s home of fashion, launches the exquisite photographic exhibition 'Three Weeks with Coco Chanel' by Douglas Kirkland 📸.

This remarkable collection showcases the collaboration of two of the great Creatives of our time – iconic fashion designer Mademoiselle "Coco" Chanel and celebrity photographer Douglas Kirkland.

Kirkland was aged 27 when he was sent to Paris for three weeks by Look Magazine to photographically document the then 79-year-old designer whose style had the fashion world enthralled.

Hawaiian wishes to thank Douglas Kirkland and Fashion Council WA for the opportunity to present this Collection. Three weeks with Coco Chanel at Claremont Quarter is open to the public – and entry is free – until April 12.

More information, visit the Claremont Quarter website.